Sunday, January 9, 2011

Friday, December 31, 2010


 This is the time of year (same time as earth) that Shishkatopia turns into the year of 12009 (we're a couple years of a head of earth) So happy Shishkatopia NEW YEARS!!! On the Shishkatopia New Years we trade ponies, yes ponies ( different color ponies )  Since Miss. Shishy and Miss. Llamy are the queens they get the best ponies RAINBOW PONIES!!!!♥♥♥ Too bad they have to each pick a person to trade with the they end up with a poopy pony again! The best thing about rainbow ponies is that they poop rainbow poop... they fart seeable gas to....BUT IT'S RAINBOW GAS!!!♥ So it really doesn't matter since it's awesome at the strike of midnight we will trade our ponies and honor our ponies with dignity... yeah but some meanies eat the ponies Shishy and Llamy are now going on vacation trying to hide out ponies so we don't have to trade, WISH US LUCK...GOOOO RAINBOW PONIES!!!♥♥♥♥♥
                                                                                      ~ SHISHY AND LLAMY THE QUEENS OF SHISHKATOPIA AND RAINBOW PONIES ARE AWESOME WISHING YOU AN HORRIBLE NEW YEARS...♥♥♥ JK♥♥♥..........HAPPY NEW YEARS 12009!!!! FOR EARTH WELL HAPPY NEW YEARS 2011!!♥♥♥

Thursday, December 30, 2010


   As some of you may know it's very hard to draw llamas! Some of you have "issues" ( Miss. LLAMY yes you are one of them). So kids I don't recommend you trying this at home please ask a parents permission before attempting this dangerous llama drawing sport of some sort OMG ha ha i rhymed! Uh... okay back to the llama sport! Some may freak out like "OMG how do I draw FLUFF isn't llamas suppose to have FLUFF or puffy magical clouds??? I'm so confused!!! Ahhhh help me I'm drowning from from this imaginary fluff!!!!!!!!!!!" Okay Okay miss.Llamy okay!!! I'll confess I get really confused sometimes! Like a hotdog how can a dog be a dog and be hot at the same time? THAT MAKES NO SENSE!!! No one would know this more than miss.LLAMY. Luckily she controls me by using her method of calming me down see? This is how this sport is super dangerous, do you understand now? Here's a pic of a llama this is one of Miss. Shishy ( me) and Miss. Llama's cousins... he's in jail now because... OKAY our mom doesn't wanna talk about it....
                                                               Shall we begin?...
   First draw a head then one ear kind of sticking out.... THEN MAKE FLUFF!!!!!!! FLUFFY!!!!! Then  along with 4 legs!!!!!
     That's it that's how you draw a llama (this is not the llama I drew this is from google sorry but I don't wanna end up in jail)
♥♥♥♥♥♥COME ON FEEL THE FLUFF♥♥♥♥♥♥THERE'S NEVER SUCH THING OF TOO MUCH FLUFF!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥  


 There once was a shishkabob and a LLama. They went different schools,the llama went to Shishkabob Sucks and the shishkabob went to Llama Losers. As you can see the 2 schools hated each other. But there was one shishkabob that was very different and that kabob's name was Shishy. Shishy got confused very easily like if there was a word with 2 words put together like a very common one that Shishy mistaken which is hotdogs. She doesn't understand how a hotdog can be a dog and be hot but be edible on a bun at the same time. She is now confused again. She's very sporty and gets in trouble a lot, she always had fun, but her grades were really bad.... There was also a llama that was quite different from the others named Llayma, she was always in control and she was the smartest in the grade! She always had straight A's but never really had fun in her life.
   When one day Llayma skipped school to feel how it feels to be free and Shishy well she always skipped so it didn't matter very much. They meant at a hotdog stand near school... "Mmmmm... yummy, hey you aren't going to eat?" asked Llayma. "No thanks, when i get hungry I just poop then i eat my poop since I'm ,a kabob!" beamed Shishy. "So you can never eat like ever?" said Llayma. "Nah I could eat when I feel like it" explained Shishy. " That's swell" said Llayma. After Shishy almost laughed to death♥,"Swell... ha ha... Swell... is that even english...? I'm confused!!!"
" Huh?, what?" asked Llayma. "Here let's make a deal it's obvious that well... you don't get out much... right? So what about we meet here every other history class and study hall, and I'll show you the world if only. You tutor me every other Thursday after school? DEAL?" asked Shishy.
" Why?" asked Llayma. " Well I hate history because there's really no point of learning about the past I mean seriously the past is the past I mean DONE but if you wanna do math class then..." said Shishy. "No I mean Why do you wanna get tutored and how do YOU know I wanna see the world" asked Llayma suspiciously. " OMG, you ask too many questions I wanna get an Ikabob phone my mom said next report card if I get at least straight D's I get one and you look like a person who only focused on school so.... DEAL?" said Shishy."DEAL!" said Llayma.
     Time pasted and then the 2 species grew together with peace, all because of the Shishy and Llamas' deal. Everyone saw how peaceful they were and wanted to be the same now Shishy is the queen of Shishkatopia along with the other queen, Llayma!!! Together they rule Shishkatopia with craziness and happiness! ;)
                                               THE END ♥